Our team has extensive experience with major brands including Las Vegas Sands/Venetian, Wynn Resorts, Native American casinos, Asian casinos and local casinos. RiCH is at the forefront of robotics in casinos and hotels. We are systems and platform integrators, software engineers, data science technicians and hospitality experts.


RiCH Robotic’s has an experienced management team who has expertise in all areas of robotics including:


Artificial Intelligence



Dynamics and Kinematic


Navigational and Operational

Management Team

Eugene Wong

Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder

20 years investment banker-Goldman Sachs and Drexel Burnham, 20 years entrepreneur and angel investor in multiple startups, 3 IPOs

Dr.Giho Jang

CSA & Co-Founder
Post-doc research scientist in robotics and unmanned systems. focus on bio-robotics, humanoid robots and biomedical signal processing

Dominic Genovese

Sales & Marketing
35 years in technology-related sales from startups to global leaders. Early employee at Cisco Systems. Mentor to tech entrepreneurs

Richard Groberg

CFO and Operations
Has served as CFO/COO of several startups and high growth companies. 20 years of expertise including M&A, JVs and securities financing.

Advisory Board

Dr. Paul Oh

Internationally renowned expert in unmanned systems with over 20 years’ experience in robotics and drones-mobile manipulation. One of the top robotics professors in the world. Former Program Director of NSF and Director of the Drones & Autonomous Systems Lab at UNLV. World finalist at DARPA Robotics Challenge

Arte Nathan

Served as Chief Human Resources Officer for Steve Wynn’s gaming companies from 1983–2006, and opened all of his casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Mississippi, and China.

Robert Rippee

Director of Hospitality Innovation Lab at UNLV. Former SVP of Marketing at Venetian Hotel and Casino. Developed and implemented scalable strategies across gaming, hospitality, entertainment, retail and restaurants

Dr. Kiwon Sohn

Technical Advisor
Chief Engineer of team DRC-Hubo @UNLV-2015 World Finalist, Humanoids, Robot Vision, Whole Body motion, machine-learning, Ph.D Drexel Univ., MS U Penn. Academic advisor-Dr. Paul Oh

Darius Fong
Cross disciplinary entrepreneur currently serving as head of strategy and business development at EAT, a creative studio with clients such as Red Bull, Jaunt, ARC Connected Health and Techstyle. Former founder/CEO of weeSPIN and CMO of BioSmartLabs.

Our team has a verifiable track record of deploying systems for customers including:


Hotels and casinos present a large, world-wide market for embedded service robots that can substitute or complement human labor, cut costs, improve customer service and, in many cases, generate new revenues. We provide personal, consumer-oriented robots to the hotel and casino industries (business to business), with special focus on millennials – a demographic segment that has growing economic strength.

We will provide these personal, consumer-oriented robots to the casino and hotel industries (business to business) and will target the millennials in particular – a segment that has economic strength.